Acoustic PET Felt Panels

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  • Impact-resistant
  • Easy to process
  • Great acoustic performance
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PET Felt

2440 x 1220 x 9 mm

5,7 kg

1,9 kg/m2

Flammability class

Acoustic properties

Mounted with 50 mm cavity:
NRC – 0.65
αw – 0.50
Acoustic class – C

Mounted with 50 mm rockwool filling:
NRC – 1.00
αw – 1.00
Acoustic class – A

Find the full acoustic report in the Downloads section below.

Our PET Felt Acoustic Panels are delivered in the uncut gross size of 2440mm x 1220mm. They are never 100% straight, a deviation in size with a maximum of 2% is tolerated. Our PET Felt Acoustic Panels are made of recycled plastic bottles and therefore small variations in color blends can appear. Keep in mind our PET Felt Acoustic Panels have a front- and backside and a direction of fibers. When cutting them in separate pieces, keep in mind a continuum direction to avoid different appearances when light falls on the different panels.

ReFelt PET Felt Acoustic Panels Detail Blues

Acoustic PET Felt Panels

With these simple panels, you have endless design opportunities to improve acoustics. Not only do they come in 28 different colours, but they can also be cut into different shapes and customised entirely to your preferences. Looking for some inspiration? Have a look at our Instagram or Projects page.

What is PET Felt?

This soft, but firm material is made of recycled plastic bottles, making it a highly sustainable option. It has other big advantages, such as easy maintenance and being long-lasting. The PET Felt fabric can also be recycled and reused again.

Great acoustic properties

These panels have an outstanding acoustic performance. They are great to apply on walls or ceilings so that they could absorb and dampen sound, and create a desirable acoustic environment.

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