Custom order

Make a statement with your acoustic installation. PET Felt panels allow you to create your own design, that will equally contribute to the aesthetics and acoustics of the interior.

How it works

The ReFelt collection has 28 colours to choose from. Combined with many cutting options of our CNC machine, you are free to experiment and design your own acoustic PET Felt installation. Here are some possibilities for your consideration:

Refelt - custom pet felt design acoustic panels

2D puzzled illustration

Using a thru-cut, you can cut out the pieces of PET Felt that puzzle in a complete illustration

ReFelt Project Rijkskantoor

Patterned design

ReFelt offers a number of pre-designed patterns, like Dots and Stripes. However, you can also create your own pattern using thru-cuts, V-cuts or Bevel-cuts. Additionally, you can place the pattern on top of a plain PET Felt panel as a background, that will also improve its acoustic performance.

PET Felt rocket 3D model

3D installation 

PET Felt panels are commonly used for wall design, however, they are also suitable for many other applications. This rocket is an example – following the principle of 3D puzzles from our youth, you can design your own acoustic installation.

wc pet felt panels signage


You can also use PET Felt panels to create different types of signage by cutting out symbols, letters and numbers. 

How to order a custom PET Felt installation

1. Download our condensed custom order manual or for more detailed information dive into our custom order manual

These contain all the information about the cutting possibilities, requirements to cut files and software tutorials.

2. Following the guidelines laid out in the manual, transform your design into the cut files

We work with Ai, PDF or DXF. You can download the template files here.

3. Submit your custom order description and all the related files to

You will receive a quote shortly after. 


Any questions? 

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You can also request samples to get familiarised with all colour options of ReFelt collection. 

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