The world’s first PET Felt rocket is here!

We invite you to discover endless design possibilities PET Felt has to offer - even those you've never thought of.

PET Felt is best known as a material with excellent acoustic properties and that is why is mostly used as a wall panel. But what if you get creative with it and take this 2D material to make a 3D design?

Shoot for the moon 

We played around with different colours, shapes and designs. After several experiments, we came up with a rocket. Inspired by the 3D puzzles from our childhood, we have followed the same principle. This puzzle is just a tiny example of many 3D forms and installations you can design from PET Felt.

Why did we choose a rocket? We always try to shoot for the moon! And who doesn’t love rockets? We surely do. 

PET Felt rocket 3D model

Now it is up to you

Basically, anything is possible with our 28 PET Felt colours. It is up to you to make a design and we will take care of giving it a physical shape. Got an idea in mind? Tell us about it and we’ll make it happen. 

Request a custom order 

What is PET Felt? 

Our acoustic PET Felt panels are made from recycled plastic bottles. It is a strong yet soft material with great acoustic performance and durability. It is a versatile material and easy to process. PET Felt is also recyclable after long-time use.