New: Aster PET Felt Acoustic Lamp Small

ReFelt introduces the Aster PET Felt Acoustic Lamp in version ‘Small’. Together with the Aster Medium and Large this new addition completes the series of acoustic pendant lamps.

The latest addition to the Aster series

The new Aster PET Felt Acoustic Lamp Small has a sleek but lively appearance that forms an intriguing harmony with the light. It has a compact shape, with a diameter equal to the height. At the same time, the Aster Small clearly shares the design-language of the family and also tapers slightly. The larger diameter at the bottom provides a balanced and relatively large light output.

The Aster Small is very versatile due to its size and design. The lamp’s slim silhouette suits tables, desks, or seating areas perfectly and easily illuminates all kinds of spaces, from hotel corridors to open-plan offices. The Aster has three switchable light temperatures and is available in no less than 28 colours. This makes the Aster a unique addition to any interior.

Aster PET Felt Acoustic Lamp Small: a sustainable choice

At ReFelt we make our products from PET Felt, a recycled material produced from plastic bottles. Utilising PET Felt, we cut the panels into segments and puzzle them into a lampshade without any additional adhesives.

The Aster PET Felt lamp is a sustainable choice because of the smart production process and long lifespan. Moreover, if necessary, you can easily disassemble the lamp, and recycle almost all parts.

The acoustic properties of the Aster

PET Felt is not only sustainable, but it also absorbs and dampens sound. The Aster therefore has excellent acoustic properties that significantly improve the acoustics of echoing and noisy places.