Workland, Vilnius

Custom-made PET Felt designs for fully serviced office space Workland Vilnius, in the heart of the Latvian capital.
Studio "Noarchitects“
Project implementer
Vilnius, Lithuania
Leonas Garbačauskas

Fit-for-all workspaces at Workland Vilnius

The flexible options of Workland’s private offices and coworking spaces fit everybody, from freelancers to larger companies. Each location offers a mixture of shared, co-working areas and private offices together with meeting rooms.

The new division on Didžioji street in the centre of Vilnius was designed following the same principles of flexibility, scalability and comfort. Noarchitects and Ergolain worked together to turn a former cinema into a modern workspace, combining historical and new architectural details while maintaining the same aesthetic quality.

Workland Vilnius refelt

Custom-made elements

Our PET Felt panels were used to create partitions between different zones, that also serve as storage units. These custom-made walls divide the floor into multiple workstations – two to six desks each, – and flexible meeting spots. This way, the users get a sense of privacy without compromising the open character of the space.  PET Felt panels also benefit this area acoustically, providing a gentle sound-dampening effect.

Workland Vilnius

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Acoustic PET Felt Panels