Sovib & Synthra, Rotterdam

Rever Interior Projects designed an inventive environment for Sovib & Synthra in Rotterdam with the Aster Pet Felt Acoustic Lamp in the open workplaces and café.
Interior Design
Rever Interieurprojecten
Sovib & Synthra

The new working environment for Sovib & Synthra

Sovib & Synthra relocated to a new office in Rotterdam, where these two healthcare companies now share a fresh working environment. Sovib is dedicated to providing insurance and services for healthcare institutions. Synthra focuses on supporting employers and employees with illness and absenteeism prevention through their health and safety services. Rever Interieurprojecten were entrusted with the design and construction of the new workspace.

Attention to acoustics

The building’s open design prioritises acoustics and great daylight utilisation. This is evident not only at the workstations but also in the work café, where a harmonious blend of light and informal atmosphere creates an inviting environment for lunch and consultation. The Aster PET Felt Acoustic Lamp Large matches perfectly with this project.

Acoustic lamp

PET felt is known for its exceptional acoustic performance. This material has a remarkable ability to absorb and dampen sounds, making the Aster PET Felt Acoustic Lamp an ideal choice for spaces with poor acoustics. Placing this lamp above a table in a meeting room or a cafe can effectively absorb sounds, greatly improving the overall experience of employees and visitors.

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Aster PET Felt Acoustic Lamp Large