Aster PET Felt Acoustic Lamp Large

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  • Made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • 3 colour temperature modes
  • Sound-dampening effect
  • Delivered preassembled
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Lampshade: PET Felt
Ceiling mount: Metal/nickel plated
Light unit: Metal base and a PMMA cover

Light source: LED
Colour temperature: Switchable between 3000k, 4000k and 6500k
Voltage: 220-240V 50/60Hz ac
Average lifespan: 30 000 hours
Power: 23W
Light output: 2150 Lumen

Ø 1010 x 325 mm
Ceiling mount + Steel wire: 3000 mm
Electrical cord with a terminal block: 3000 mm

9 kg

Additional information
Our PET Felt products are made of recycled plastic bottles, and therefore small variations in colour blends can appear.

Aster PET Felt Acoustic Lamp Large

Aster is inspired by Aster flowers, and it will light up any space. The lamp has a bigger diameter at the bottom, which lets the light spread even more and makes any room more inviting.

The design might look simple, but it offers endless opportunities to play and create something unique. With the 28 different colours available, you can either create a garden of various colours or make an original statement with one colour. Aster is also available in versions Small and Medium, so you can choose the best option for your situation.

With Aster, you can also switch between three light colours — 3000k, 4000k and 6500k. This gives you even more flexibility to create the ideal design and light setting.

What is PET Felt?

Aster PET Felt Acoustic Lamp is made of 100% PET Felt. It is a highly sustainable material made of recycled plastic bottles. The fabric has a long lifespan and is easy to maintain, so the lamp will stay with you for a long time.

PET Felt also has great acoustic properties. It can absorb and dampen sound, which makes the Aster PET Felt Acoustic Lamp highly suitable for any space with bad acoustics. Placing it above the table in a meeting room or in the hotel hallway, for instance, will help with absorbing the sound, thus improving the experience and well-being of everyone.

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ReFelt Aster PET Felt Acoustic Lamp Large
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