Schouw Informatisering, Etten-Leur

For the new office of Schouw Informatisering, an international IT company, i29 interior architects created an open office with flexible working spaces and a lot of natural elements
Schouw Informatisering
i29 interior architects
Etten-Leur, the Netherlands
Ewout Huibers

Open office with flexible working spaces

Schouw Informatisering is an international IT company that helps food companies with automation processes. Due to their way of working, the new office needed to have plenty of flexible working spaces, as well as meeting- and presentation rooms, where they can host training programmes.

The designers created different areas and separated them by using the brand’s colours — blue and green. Combined with the white climate ceilings and whiteboard walls, they create a nice contrast. The designers also added plenty of natural elements, such as plants and images of farmer fields, to refer to the food industry.

Great acoustics everywhere

By adding coloured acoustic wall panels around the whole office, i29 interior architects managed to perfectly reflect the brand’s identity, while also ensuring the employees have a healthy acoustic working environment. For this purpose, they used acoustic PET Felt panels by ReFelt in combination with other walls, made of living plants. While ReFelt’s panels ensure the acoustics across the whole office are improved, the natural walls provide extra oxygen and humidity and thus improve the air quality.


“With so many natural elements and a comfortable setting, the office of Schouw Informatisering is now the perfect place for growth.” – i29 interior architects

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