Metro Markets Office, Düsseldorf

Designed to attract young talents, Metro Markets Office in Düsseldorf combines a flexible design, fresh colour palette and smart acoustic solutions.
Interior design
Urselmann Interior
Metro Markets
Düsseldorf, Germany
Magdalena Gruber

Functional and playful office

For this project, Urselmann Interior had a modern and dynamic space in mind, where employees would feel comfortable and connected. This vision is very much in line with the client’s goal to create an attractive workplace for IT professionals. The Metro Markets team in Düsseldorf is constantly growing and recruiting young talents is one of the top priorities. Also, the “feel-good” factor was essential for the new office – the client wanted to provide employees with a functional, yet playful space and many opportunities for fun and synergy.


Designed for productivity and comfort

Another essential requirement to the new office was the overall comfort of employees. The designers supported it with natural materials, lots of greenery and acoustic solutions. They applied PET Felt acoustic panels on the walls in focus areas to dampen the noise. Additionally, employees can also use the panels in front of their desks as a pinboard.

To facilitate productivity and teamwork, the layout provides various focus areas and meeting spots. For this project, Urselmann Interior designed custom “meeting houses”, that can be easily moved along the office. These meeting pods were also treated with PET felt to improve the sense of privacy and acoustic comfort. As a result, users can choose themselves where and how they want to work.

In this project

ReFelt PET Felt Acoustic Panel Light Grey

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Acoustic PET Felt Panels