Coupole, Groupe Galeries Lafayette, Paris

This installation is inspired by the iconic dome of Galeries Lafayette, for the new headquarters of the department store chain.
Barreau et Charbonnet
Groupe Galeries Lafayette
Germain Herriau
Refelt Coupole Groupe Galeries Lafayette 1

Coupole Groupe Galeries Lafayette

The iconic dome of Galeries Lafayette is the inspiration for Coupole at Groupe Galeries Lafayette by Barreau et Charbonnet. They imagined the dome to take off from the roof of the department store and land in the lobby of the new headquarters of Groupe Galeries Lafayette.

In the sky, it twirls. Turns around. The circular movement of the dome generates a kinetic effect on its outer envelope of black and white gratings, giving the illusion that the checkerboard is reversed according to its position in space.

Upon impact with the ground, the dome opens. Full axis, a gap makes the object accessible and passable. Have a seat on our Melange PET Felt panels and marvel at the view above.

ReFelt Coupole Groupe Galeries Lafayette 3
Refelt Coupole Groupe Galeries Lafayette 2
ReFelt - Coupole Groupe Galeries Lafayette - 4

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