Melange 12 mm PET Felt Panels

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  • 18 unique colours
  • Extra thick panels 12 mm
  • Better acoustic effect
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PET Felt

2800 x 1200 x 12 mm

8.3 kg

2.4 kg/m2

Flammability class

Acoustic properties

Mounted with 50 mm cavity:
NRC – 0.75
αw – 0.60
Acoustic class – C

Mounted with 50 mm rockwool filling:
NRC – 0.95
αw – 1.00
Acoustic class – A

Find the full acoustic report in the Downloads section below.

Our PET Felt Acoustic Panels are delivered in the uncut gross size of 2800 mm x 1200 mm. They are never 100% straight, a deviation in size with a maximum of 2% is tolerated. Our PET Felt Acoustic Panels are made of recycled plastic bottles and therefore small variations in color blends can appear. Keep in mind our PET Felt Acoustic Panels have a front- and backside and a direction of fibers. When cutting them in separate pieces, keep in mind a continuum direction to avoid different appearances when light falls on the different panels.

ReFelt Melange Acoustic PET Felt Panels 12mm - small

Melange 12 mm PET Felt Panels

The Melange PET Felt Panels is an exclusive collection at ReFelt. The panels are 30% thicker than the other ones, so they provide a significantly better acoustic experience. This collection comes in 18 new special blends and will give any surface the aesthetics it needs. The PET Felt fabric used is just as flexible and easy to process as the standard panels, so you have many design opportunities.

What is PET Felt?

PET Felt is an innovative material, made of recycled plastic bottles. They are first finely ground, which creates a soft but sturdy fabric. It has many advantages, such as being easy to maintain and being long-lasting. It can also be recycled again, once it is no longer needed. Curious about the possibilities of this versatile material? Check out our Projects page or Instagram!

Great acoustic properties

The Melange 12 mm PET Felt Panels collection has even better acoustic properties than our standard panels. Due to the panels’ thickness, they absorb and dampen sound better, so the end result is a significantly improved acoustic environment.

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