330 Park Collective, Melbourne

Archier created an interesting design, featuring custom-made solutions, for 330 Park Collective, a design-led professionals studio in Australia.
330 Park Collective
Melbourne, Australia
Kristoffer Paulsen

A raw but comfortable studio

The design-led professionals from 330 Park Collective wanted to have a different office setting than the typical commercial one. The interior now combines a concrete floor and rough walls, which are nicely balanced with other softer elements, such as the tables in warm wood colour and the plenty of plants.

The studio is also very sustainability-oriented. There are solar panels on the roof, which produce energy for the whole office. Employees also cycle to the office and can quickly refresh by the outdoor shower before they enter the workspace.

Soft acoustic PET Felt

PET Felt plays a big role in this project. While the concrete floor gives a more sturdy feeling, the ceilings have been covered with soft Acoustic PET Felt panels by ReFelt. In this way, the balance between soft and rough elements is further enhanced and the acoustics in the studio have has radically improved.

To follow the unconventional office setting, they chose De Vorm’s LJ 2 PET Felt Stack Chair for the employee desks. The soft fabric matches perfectly, as it contributes to the soft feeling in contrast to the rougher elements.

In this project

ReFelt PET Felt Acoustic Panel Light Grey

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Acoustic PET Felt Panels