Beehive PET Felt Hanging Dividers

from € 425,00
  • Ceiling-suspended acoustic room partitions
  • Sold in sets of 2 dividers
  • Choose from 28 colours
  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Easy to disassemble, replace and recycle
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Dividers: PET Felt
Fixture: Steel

2400 x 600 x 9 mm (1 divider)

4.8 kg (per set)

Cord length
max. 1000 mm

Reaction to fire classification
B-s1, d0

ISO certificate

Additional information
Dividers are made from recycled material. Slight colour differences may occur between different batches.

Beehive PET Felt Hanging Dividers

Designed for open-plan interiors, Beehive dividers will take care of acoustics and add a playful touch to any environment. Hexagons on the panels form a unique geometric pattern with a see-through effect.

The dividers are ceiling-suspended and can be installed at the desired height in a few simple steps. Curious about the possibilities of our collection? Check out our Projects page or Instagram!

Playful and functional

Changing the layout of your office or restaurant has never been easier. Hanging dividers form flexible walls dividing large open spaces into smaller, semi-private areas. Thanks to the porous structure of PET Felt material, they also offer a gentle sound-dampening effect.

In addition to functional purposes, the dividers can also serve as a decorative element. We offer 28 colour blends and various thru-cut patterns to meet the aesthetic needs of your interior.

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