New: Workplace Divider PET Felt 1.5m

We now have to keep 1.5 meters distance from each other and that will remain the case for the time being. That is not always easy.
ReFelt Workplace Divider PET Felt 1,5m wine

Especially in the office, if you share a desk or table with your colleagues. That is why we have developed a prevention screen, which guarantees exactly 1.5 meters distance in the workplace. Not only that, but this cough screen also has several other nice features.

Workplace Divider: always 1.5 meters distance and more features

The Workplace Divider is made of PET Felt. This material is made from recycled plastic bottles and thus contributes to a more sustainable world. Not only that, because PET Felt has a porous structure, the acoustic properties are also good.

If everyone in the office works behind this partition, sounds will be absorbed at the source. For example, tapping on a keyboard, eating an apple or telephone calls. Video meetings also sound a lot better. The prevention screen actually works like a mini studio around your computer. Also useful for when you have to work at home. You can fold the workplace divider and take it with you to your home office.

The screen can also be used as a personal message board. Now you have enough space for your creative ideas or fun photos. That looks a bit more favourable than all those plexiglass cough screens and this screen is available in 28 colours.

Something extra: Do Not DisturBird

We work as sustainably as possible, but we also sometimes have leftovers. We started experimenting with these smaller pieces and went looking for fun shapes. Everyone loves birds, so that’s how the Do Not DisturBird was born.

ReFelt PET Felt Do Not Disturbird

In many offices, people sit in shared spaces. They put on their headphones to indicate that they are concentrated on their work. There are also other systems in circulation, even with some kind of traffic lights for your desk.

With the Do Not DisturBird you can also indicate that you do not want to be disturbed. The bird fits perfectly on the desk divider and so all colleagues immediately see that you are busy. We have not yet tested whether it works as well with children at the home office, but we would like to hear your experiences.

If you just think it’s a nice bird, you can of course just put them on your desk or cough screen. Because we cut the birds from residual material, it is a surprise what colour you get. For now, the bird is only sold in combination with the Workplace Divider.

ReFelt PET Felt Workplace Divider 1.5m blue 2
ReFelt PET Felt Workplace Divider 1.5m blue 1