Workplace Divider PET Felt 1.5m

from € 89,00
  • Workplace divider ensures a 1,5-meter distance at all times while at work
  • Many configurations possible on different desktops
  • The acoustic PET Felt improves office acoustics
  • Ideal for video conferencing, due to its sound damping effect
  • Foldable
  • Easy to carry and assemble
  • Cable entry for cable management
  • Softer appearance than plexiglass
  • Can be used as a personal notice board
  • Made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Available in 28 colours
  • All prices without VAT
  • Free Do Not DisturBird included
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PET Felt

1500 mm x 600 mm x 526 mm

2,4 kg

Flammability class

ISO Certificate

Our PET Felt Acoustic Panels are delivered in the uncut gross size of 2440mm x 1220mm. They are never 100% straight, a deviation in size with a maximum of 2% is tolerated. Our PET Felt Acoustic Panels are made of recycled plastic bottles and therefore small variations in color blends can appear. Keep in mind our PET Felt Acoustic Panels have a front- and backside and a direction of fibers. When cutting them in separate pieces, keep in mind a continuum direction to avoid different appearances when light falls on the different panels.

Workplace Divider PET Felt 1,5 m

With the ReFelt PET Felt Workplace Divider you immediately have a solution for working at a distance of 1,5 meter. Due to the dimensions, employees automatically sit at 1,5 meter apart. This screen could be part of a wider package of measures to get people back to work in the office during the corona crisis.

The PET Felt also has excellent acoustic properties. Phone calls and other sounds are thus muted. The screen is also ideal for working from home, telephone calls and video meetings immediately sound a lot better.

Do Not DisturBird

Every screen comes with a free Do Not DisturBird. This allows employees to indicate whether they are busy and do not want to be disturbed. In addition, the bird brightens up the office garden.

Each bird is cut from residual material, therefore the choice of colour is not available.

Care and maintenance

Most stains can be removed with plenty of water. Let the water flow through the PET Felt and dab away any residues. Never rub the wet PET Felt as it may damage the material. If it is a stubborn stain, use James Cleaning Set.

PET Felt

PET Felt is made from recycled plastic bottles. A fiber is made from the finely ground bottles, creating a soft but firm felt. It lasts a long time, is UV resistant, easy to maintain and muffles sound. PET Felt can also be recycled again.

The PET Felt is available in 28 colours and thus fits into any interior.

Flat packed delivery, easy assembly
Just put the parts together
The other side
And in a few steps, you got a Workplace Divider