New in: Aster PET Felt Acoustic Lamp

Aster PET Felt Acoustic Lamp joined ReFelt’s lighting family! This lamp goes one step further in acoustic lightning solutions by having an intriguing design and more versatility.

Inspired by Aster flowers

Aster, as the name suggests, was inspired by the Aster flowers. Unlike the flower, which can be found in only 5 colours, ReFelt’s Aster is available in 28 different colours. The lamp also comes in 2 different sizes — Large and Medium, to provide more versatility and design opportunities. Aster includes an optional Do Not DisturBird, which, just like a butterfly on a flower, will make it stand out even more.

Shine bright like a star

The name Aster has a Greek origin, and it means star. ReFelt’s lamp, though, offers more options than an average star. It has 3 switchable light colours — 3000k, 4000k and 6500k, so you can adjust it entirely to your preferences. The wider diameter at the bottom of the lamp lets it spread more light and turns the whole room into a brighter and more inviting place.

A high acoustic value

Since the Aster Pendant Lamp is fully made of PET Felt, it has a great acoustic value. PET Felt is a sustainable material, made of recycled plastic bottles. After they have been finely ground, they are turned into a soft, but sturdy fabric, which can absorb and dampen sound. PET Felt is also impact-resistant, so you will be enjoying the Aster Pendant Lamp for a long time.

ReFelt Aster Acoustic Lamp Medium setting 1