New: 6 acoustic PET Felt wall panels

In addition to the successful Dots and Stripes panels, we have developed six new patterns. Discover them all!
refelt acoustic pet felt panel rainbow dark green 1

Expansion next to Stripes and Dots PET Felt panels

The Stripes and Dots have already found their way into projects worldwide. That is why six new v-cut patterns have been developed. Each panel has the handy size of 120x60cm, making them easy to process. Ideal as a wall covering, because PET Felt is impact resistant.

Discover the entire collection of acoustic PET Felt wall panels

A total of six new acoustic wall panels have been developed. Four panels have a classic pattern, two are a bit more daring. The panels are sold in pairs.

ReFelt Streets acoustic PET Felt v-cut panel 120x60 1


The Streets wall panel is reminiscent of the major traffic junctions. Or the Japanese karesansui gardens, in which special patterns are drawn with rakes. Whatever you see in it, with these acoustic wall panels you improve every room both aesthetically and acoustically.

This pattern can be infinitely laid and it always connects however you mount the panel.


You can also see multiple patterns in the Rainbow wall panel. Rainbows of course, but also clouds. That may just depend on which colours you choose.

De Vorm PET Felt Acoustic Panel Rainbow


This design classic cannot be missed. The timeless herringbone pattern gets something special again thanks to the innovative material.


With the Diagonal wall panel you can draw oblique stripes on a wall or mirror them and thus create a very large herringbone pattern. Take four panels and you can turn it into a diamond. Such a versatile panel!

ReFelt - acoustic PET Felt panels Diagonal office
ReFelt Slats PET Felt v-cut acoustic panel


Panelling, of course, does not have to be made of wood. The impact-resistant PET Felt on the Slats wall panel can be a better solution.

Easy to process and made from recycled plastic

PET Felt is a flexible material that is easy to process. It is lightweight, flexible and yet very strong. That’s because the fiber is made from finely ground plastic bottles. These are woven into large mats, which are then processed into large PET Felt panels. With these plates, you can then make all kinds of things, in 28 trendy colours.

It is also easy to clean. Most stains are removed with plenty of water. Run the water through the PET Felt and pat the surface dry. Never rub the felt, it may start to pill. You can use James Cleaning Set for stubborn stains.