Set of 2 Acoustic PET Felt Panels Slats

from € 125,00
  • Easy to attach to ceiling and wall
  • Impact-resistant
  • Easy to process
  • V-cut panel of 120×60
  • Available in 28 colours, delivery from stock
  • Made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Great acoustic performance
  • Only sold in sets of 2 panels
  • All prices without VAT
Subtotal € 125,00
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PET Felt


1200 mm x 600 mm


1,4 kg


1,9 kg/m2

Acoustic properties

NRC: 0.80 with 100 mm cavity

NRC: 0.65 with 50 mm cavity

Flammability class


ISO Certificate


ReFelt Slats PET Felt v-cut acoustic panel

Slats PET Felt Acoustic Panel 120×60

The v-cut in the panel resembles slats. Can be used as a decoration of a wall or as protection of a wall. The PET Felt material is sturdy, impact-resistant and yet still feels soft.

The panels are easy to mount on the wall or ceiling.

Great acoustic properties

Due to the structure of the PET Felt, the material has great acoustic properties. It dampens and absorbs sound. This effect is enhanced by leaving a space behind the panels or by combining the panels with a standard PET Felt panel.

PET Felt

PET Felt is made from recycled plastic bottles. A fiber is made from the finely ground bottles, creating a soft but firm felt. It lasts a long time, is UV resistant, easy to maintain and muffles sound. PET Felt can also be recycled again.

The PET Felt is available in 28 colours and thus fits into any interior.

Care and maintenance

Most stains can be removed with plenty of water. Let the water flow through the PET Felt and dab away any residues. Never rub the wet PET Felt as it may damage the material. If it is a stubborn stain, use James Cleaning Set.

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