EasyAcoustics Hexagon — new shape, more opportunities

ReFelt adds a Hexagon variation to its EasyAcoustics line. The Hexagon PET Felt system consists of 2 hexagon blocks and is available in 28 colours, just like the Square version.
EasyAcoustics Hexagon 60 mm

Everyone deserves good acoustics

The EasyAcoustics line was introduced earlier in 2021 and initially came in 2 different square heights, 60 mm and 90 mm. The name of the line has been inspired by the fact that these blocks can be placed directly on the wall with the supplied hook lath. This makes the installation process significantly easier, as making a frame or back wall for the panels is no longer necessary. EasyAcoustics meets the latest fire requirements, making it suitable for any room that needs better acoustics, such as offices, meetings rooms, universities, and cafés.

ReFelt designs sustainable products that last a long time. The smart system of EasyAcoustics allows to easily remove and reuse the panels, which makes it easy for users to make adjustments even after the installation. When the panels have served their purpose, they can easily be recycled and turned into a new product.

EasyAcoustics Hexagon 60 mm

What is PET Felt?

EasyAcoustics Hexagon is made from 100% PET Felt, with no glue or other components. PET Felt is made of recycled plastic bottles, which once have been finely ground, turn into an incredibly strong, flexible and durable material. In addition to its sustainable features, PET Felt also has great acoustic properties, such as sound absorption and sound dampening.

About ReFelt

ReFelt is the Dutch market leader in the field of acoustic PET Felt. The collection consists of 28 colours of 9 mm panels and 18 colours of 12 mm from the exclusive Melange collection. In addition, ReFelt itself develops products with PET Felt, such as the Workplace Divider, About A Line and panels and tiles in all shapes and sizes. In addition, ReFelt can realise any custom design in PET Felt.


EasyAcoustics Hexagon information

600 x 690 x 60 mm
600 x 690 x 90 mm

100% PET Felt

Acoustic value
NRC: 0.65 (without filling)
NRC: 1 (with filling, e.g. glass wool)

Fire class

Recommended Sales Price
600 x 690 x 60 mm = €130,-
600 x 690 x 90 mm = €140,-