‘ReFelt on Acoustics’ e-book is now available

The basics of acoustics in a handy e-book format. Download it for free to get an insight into the sound-dampening properties of PET Felt panels.
ReFelt on acoustics e-book

ABC of acoustics

In order to get a good insight into the sound-dampening properties of PET Felt, it is important to understand the basics of acoustics. For this reason, we have bundled all the relevant information into one e-book. You can refer to this document when working on projects that require acoustic treatment. 

The e-book contains the most commonly used terms, metrics and principles of the complex science of acoustics, explained in simple words. You will also receive the easy-to-follow guidelines for improving office acoustics. Additionally, there is an explained analysis of the acoustic performance of our PET Felt panels.

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Acoustic reports

If you want to learn more about the sound-dampening properties of our panels, we invite you to check out the reports prepared by Peutz laboratory. They present detailed information on the acoustic performance of ReFelt products, depending on different methods of their application.

Peutz reports: 

Thanks to its sound-absorption properties, PET Felt is a universal product for acoustic wall decor. However, the effectiveness of this material depends on a number of factors, such as the cavity of the placement, the number of layers, the parameters of the space, etc. Therefore, it is important to understand that the right acoustic solution is always custom.