The Roarsome Store, London

The Roarsome Store offers outdoor, character-themed children’s clothing and has the interior to match.
The Roarsome Store, London
Des Iles Photography

A cool store with a beautiful idea behind it

The owners of The Roarsome Store don’t just sell cool clothing for kids. They do this from beautiful ideological thought: get kids to play outside more, come rain or shine. The store itself is a brilliantly designed place, with nice colours and friendly materials, inviting to kids as well as parents.

Cheerful interior

The building of this neat place was a collaboration of multiple suppliers. ReFelt is delighted to have been given the opportunity to contribute to the outfitting of The Roarsome Store. The back wall at the counter catches the eye immediately. It is covered with our Fishbone PET Felt Panel in dark green. The panel shows a nice touch of customisation too, with the addition of the Roarsome logo in striking white.

Last but not least, the front of the counter has been layered with Scale PET Felt Wall Shingles in attractive ocean blue. This product is a new perspective of the classic rooftop pattern. And, due to their rounded shape, the shingles bring a dynamic and playful look and feel. A great match with the lively interior of the store.

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