Rijkskantoor OV Terminal, Breda

De Twee Snoeken and Studio JAN created a custom acoustic solution for Rijkskantoor OV Terminal. The walls of their office present many custom-cut patterns of Dutch landscapes.
Interior architect
De Twee Snoeken
Custom PET Felt design
Studio JAN
Interior realisation
Hazenberg Bouw
Yvonne Lukkenaar
Rijksvastgoedbedrijf / Belastingdienst
Breda, the Netherlands
ReFelt Project Rijkskantoor

A custom acoustic solution

This governmental office building has been modernised with an open-plan interior. To tackle the acoustic challenges, De Twee Snoeken architects decided to install PET Felt panels on the walls. Studio JAN developed a unique custom design with many cut-outs, as a link to the corporate identity.

As a result, every wall here is unique. For this special interior, different soil structures were engraved into PET Felt panels. Additionally, the two-layer application ensures the optimal acoustic effect of the installations.

ReFelt Rijkskantoor OV Terminal




“We were looking for a solution to decrease sound reverberating in the hallways. Also, we wanted to add texture to enhance the interior concept. Now these PET Felt Panels fulfil a double role.”

Inge Coolen, Architect at De Twee Snoeken

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