Podimo, Helsinki

In Helsinki Mint & More crafted an innovative, sustainable, and soundwave-inspired podcast space, balancing acoustics with aesthetic flexibility.
Mint & More Creative Agency
Esa Kapila

Soundwave-Inspired Design

Podimo’s venture into Helsinki’s Kaartinkaupunki district showcases innovation and sustainable design, creating a space for podcast creativity and community. The interior concept, inspired by sound waves, weaves throughout the space. This can be seen in elements like ReFelt’s Acoustic Baffles PET Felt Wave, embodying Podimo’s auditory essence. The inclusion of the baffles and the choice to furnish with upscale second-hand pieces shows also the sustainable approach of the designers at Mint & More.

A Multifaceted Studio Space

Mint & More assisting Podimo in finding the perfect space led to a minimal construction approach, focusing instead on acoustical excellence and a flexible design to accommodate diverse podcast formats. The result is a studio that not only serves Podimo’s internal team but has also become a familiar backdrop to many popular podcasts, thanks to its inviting and technically adept setting. Podimo’s studio merges functionality with aesthetics, showcasing simple technical solutions that cater to a variety of podcasting needs.

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Acoustic Baffles PET Felt Wave