Pia Restaurant & Bar, Bietigheim-Bissingen

Pia Restaurant & Bar is blending modern and Italian cuisines in a newly designed, acoustically enhanced space by Cyrus Ghanai.
Cyrus Ghanai
Pia Restaurant & Bar
Marc Cintean

A New Culinary Chapter in an Old Locale

The transformation of the former Gasthof Bären into the now-modern Pia Restaurant & Bar marks a significant culinary milestone in Bietigheim. Under the new management of Giosué Tolomeo, and renewed by the innovative designs of Cyrus Ghanai, this establishment is set to redefine dining in the region. Pia represents the fusion of modern cuisine with Italian elements, embracing both the heritage and the future of culinary excellence.


Design Philosophy and Execution

Cyrus Ghanai’s approach to the interior design of Pia Restaurant & Bar was rooted in creating an atmosphere that complements the exquisite menu while ensuring a comfortable environment. The result is a space that exudes elegance, warmth, and a sense of welcome. The restaurant’s layout, color scheme, and furnishings were meticulously chosen to reflect a contemporary yet cozy aesthetic, ideal for both casual diners and gourmet enthusiasts.

Enhancing the Sound Experience

Renowned for his expertise in restaurant interiors, Cyrus Ghanai made sure to transform the space, ensuring that each element, from the lighting to the acoustics, amplifies the dining experience. Ghanai incorporated the Acoustic Parallel PET Felt Panels into the restaurant’s ceiling design, enhancing the auditory comfort without compromising on style. These sustainable panels, made from recycled plastic bottles, align with the restaurant’s commitment to environmental responsibility while addressing the acoustic challenges of a bustling dining area.

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