Newday Offices, Arnhem

With the renovation of the Arnhem office, the designers from Fresh Perspective created the perfect spot to work and meet.
Newday Offices
Fresh Perspective
Arnhem, the Netherlands

The new office concept

Newday Offices has changed the traditional concept of an office, by offering flexible full-serviced workplaces and co-working spaces across the Netherlands. The recent renovation in the Arnhem location focused on the café area on the ground floor. The task was to create a contemporary space reflecting the brand identity of Newday Offices. By using a mix of materials and colours, the designers managed to perfectly achieve that.

An eye-catching use of colour

The designers created a great balance between neutral colours and bright accents. The furniture is predominantly in the beige theme, giving a luxurious touch to the café. The geometric pattern on the walls refers to the brand colours and adds depth and contrast to the space.

ReFelt’s Radial Lamps also make a noticeable appearance in the space. Chosen in a bright yellow colour, they certainly make a statement. Since they are made of PET Felt, the lamps fit great into Newday’s values regarding the environment. And by using other PET Felt products, such as the Hale chair by De Vorm, and a lot of greenery, the designers managed to create a highly sustainable working place.

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ReFelt PET Felt Lighting Radial Yellow

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