Nemag, Zierikzee

Nemag's Zierikzee office is designed to foster connection and innovation, while at the same time embodying its century-long legacy in engineering.

A New Home for Innovation and Connection

Nemag, a global leader in the design, construction, and sale of the world’s most productive and largest grabs, has recently inaugurated a new office building in Zierikzee. The essence of this establishment is ‘connection’—not just among the different disciplines within the company but also between the conception and manufacturing stages of their products. This has been symbolically reflected in the architectural design and visually celebrated through the custom-designed grab motif that adorns the central wall of the office. This design, created by Silo, serves as a constant reminder of Nemag’s legacy and ambition, encouraging creativity and innovation among its workforce. The inclusion of ReFelt’s Acoustic PET Felt Panels adds a layer of acoustic comfort, complementing the aesthetic and functional needs of the space.


A Century of Engineering

As Nemag gears up for its 100th anniversary, the new building—with its modern facilities, sustainable materials, and the symbolic grab design—stands ready to host a new era of innovation and growth. The building becomes a physical manifestation of Nemag’s vision: a place where the past and future converge, where every design element speaks volumes of the company’s journey and its aspirations for the future.

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