Menzis, Enschede

Architects from HEYLIGERS design+projects transformed Menzis’ office into a greener, cleaner and collaborative working space.
HEYLIGERS design+projects
Enschede, the Netherlands
Wouter van der Sar

A new building vision

The designers had the task to develop a new building vision and an accompanying interior concept for Menzis — an insurance company, located in Enschede, the Netherlands. They decided to introduce a green, healthy working environment, stimulating meetings and working together.

The end result is truly representing these values. The focus colour is green, which corresponds to health and well-being. They also included other bright colours and thus managed to create a unique and playful look for the whole company. The office, which is 4000m2 big, is equipped with many spaces for conversations, from meeting rooms to comfortable open spaces and seating areas.

A natural touch & feel with PET Felt

The designers included PET Felt in many of the office areas. It can be found on most of the seating furniture, made by De Vorm. They also added our Acoustic Dots PET Felt Panels for the desk areas, which needed better acoustics. In this way, employees do not have to worry that their conversations bother other workers. Sounds like typing are absorbed and dampened by the panels.

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Dots Acoustic PET Felt Panels