Medical Centre, Rosmalen

Medical Centre Rosmalen has a recognisable and clean style. Patterned Dots panels by ReFelt have been used to decorate the middle area.
Interior design
Studio Mommersteeg
Cello, Vught
Daria Scagliola
Medisch Centrum Studio Mommersteeg ReFelt Projects
Medisch Centrum Studio Mommersteeg ReFelt Projects

A welcoming interior

Medical centre in Rosmalen was facing several challenges with their old building. The hall in the middle of the building was closed and disconnected from the rest of the areas. Furthermore, the atmosphere was rather ”clinical” and didn’t grant the desired rest to the visitors.

Studio Mommersteeg focused on the advantages of the building structure in order to give it a more lively appearance. The interior designer replaced some solid walls with the glass surfaces in order to provide extra daylight. The glass doors were chosen for the same reason. As a result, the interior got a welcoming and open character.

Colours and textures in balance

Now, the medical centre has its own recognisable style. Built on a neutral base, it combines warm materials and colours. The Dots acoustic panels in marble match perfectly with this concept, adding structure to the middle area. Additionally, the designer used a few contrast colours to spice up the interior.

Medisch Centrum Studio Mommersteeg ReFelt Projects

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