Marenland and Noordkwartier office, Appingedam

For years, the boards of Marenland and Noordkwartier schools have been working closely together. Now, they are sharing an office in Appingedam.
Grib interior architects
Prokan Groningen
Appingedam, the Netherlands
kantoor Marenland en Noordkwartier

Grib interior architects made sure that the two institutions could co-exist in one place by striking the right balance between privacy and collaboration.

Two entities, one office

Though separate institutions, both schools share the same mission. They create an environment where children of different ages can develop their skills and talents. The new design of Marenland and Noordkwartier office reflects this vision. As a result, you can see many silhouettes of playing and learning kids throughout the interior.

PET Felt was a perfect choice to bring this creative idea to life. The custom-made panels were mounted on the glass walls. In this way, users can enjoy the desired privacy while the workplace does not lose its transparent nature. Additionally, the sound-dampening properties of PET Felt improve the overall acoustics of the space.

kantoor Marenland en Noordkwartier
kantoor Marenland en Noordkwartier

Private & collaborative

The transparent design of the new office encourages employees to come together and collaborate. Even though the schools have their separate working zones, the choice of colours and materials conveys one common image throughout the interior.

The workstations are placed on the facades of the building, leaving the central area open for consultations and common meetings. Here, employees can choose from a variety of common spaces and private meeting rooms.

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