Kova Patisserie, London

Kova is a London-based Japanese Patisserie brand. Atelier Baulier designed their second shop on the main street in South Kensington.
Interior design
Atelier Baulier
French + Tye
London, UK
KOVA South Kensington interior with PET felt panels

A place with Japanese soul

The interior of KOVA patisserie was inspired by traditional Japanese gardens. It’s calm and peaceful, inviting the visitors to stop by and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. As you enter the patisserie, the first thing that you notice is the rich pink colour. It complements the vibrant green of the matcha millecrêpe, Kova’s signature cake.

The simple layout and carefully distributed fixtures create an elegant look of this interior. Additionally, the tactile elements, like mohair velvet upholstery, wool curtains and PET Felt wall panels make the visitors feel cosy.

KOVA South Kensington interior with PET felt panels
KOVA South Kensington interior with PET felt panels
KOVA South Kensington interior with PET felt panels

Pleasing to the eyes, ears and environment

Above the banquette, the wall is lined with recycled PET Felt acoustic panels. Dots pattern adds a poetic touch to the overall look of patisserie. Thanks to the double-layered placement, the panels drastically improve the acoustics of the space.

Sustainability is at the core of this design. For this reason, Atelier Baulier has chosen many durable and materials. For instance, the acoustic panels are made from recycled plastic bottles. The floor and the walls feature a natural clay-based render. As a result, the interior is not only pleasing to the eyes, but also considerable of the environment.

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