Itero Art Project, Arnhem

500 unique computer-generated pieces of art by Fillip Studio, created with PET Felt panels.
Fillip Studios
Art Committee Burgemeesterswijk Arnhem
Arnhem, The Netherlands

Interplay between algoritm & chance

Fillip Studios is an art and design studio that combines art, science and technology to make impact.

For a project called Itero they used black ReFelt PET Felt panels to create 500 unique pieces of art. Itero consists of 500 iterations that originated from an interplay between an algorithm and chance. The artworks were given to the residents of the Burgemeesterswijk, Arnhem.

Look beyond the surface

From a code that is always the same, an image is created that is always unique. Itero challenges you to look beyond the surface, to the possibilities that emerge through it.

Every Itero is created with a generated algorithm designed by Fillip Studios. The intricate, unique patterns are laser cut in a sheet of PET Felt and are all engraved with their unique number.

In this project

ReFelt PET Felt Acoustic Panel Black

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Acoustic PET Felt Panels