HNK Sloterdijk, Amsterdam

HNK Amsterdam Sloterdijk introduces a new flexible office concept, offering sustainable, collaborative workspaces and a modern podcast studio enhanced by acoustic panels.
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Flexible offices

As the first location to fully embrace a new flexible office concept, HNK Amsterdam Sloterdijk has undergone a significant transformation. Designed with both sustainability and corporate needs in mind. Close to Amsterdam Sloterdijk train station, the space provides environmentally-conscious design and collaborative workspaces. The facility features modern co-working areas and a dining facility known as The Social.

Podcast Studio

The Podcast Studio at HNK Amsterdam Sloterdijk is equipped for contemporary digital communication needs, with facilities that support recording for groups of up to four. Versatile in its setup, the studio accommodates recording at either a table or in a more casual lounge setting, complete with a visual display for interactive experiences. The integration of ReFelt’s Rainbow PET Felt Acoustic Panels complements the space, enhancing sound quality for a more effective and pleasant auditory environment.

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Rainbow PET Felt Panels