Guts & Gusto, Leidschendam

Guts & Gusto has opened a new location in Leidschendam, the Netherlands. Studio met met translated the vibrant identity of the fashion brand into a creative interior concept.
Interior design
Studio met met
Guts & Gusto
Leidschendam, the Netherlands

Exclusive shopping experience

The design of the new store is based on the interplay of geometric shapes, illumination and warm, pastel tones. Studio met met chose a material mix of ash wood, brass and terrazzo-inspired IQ Surface to express to create both timeless and modern expression. To add more rhythm and structure to the open space, the designers created improvised podiums from custom-made geometric blocks. Present in various materials, colours and shapes, they enrich the narratives of the space.

Custom-made elements

The geometric pattern continues in a generous counter desk with gently rounded corners. An impressive branded wall with a wooden framework makes the counter area a centrepiece of the interior.

In order to add an extra layer to the wall behind the counter, it was covered with PET felt acoustic panels. The designers chose a warm beige as a background for wooden slats and a contrasting dark green under it. As a result, this area received a rich, expressive look.

The colour theme continues in the letters on the wall, made from dark green PET Felt. To add a statement piece referencing the brand, Studio met met recreated their logo with a special 3D effect.

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ReFelt PET Felt Acoustic Panel Beige

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Acoustic PET Felt Panels

ReFelt PET Felt Acoustic Panel Dark Green

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Acoustic PET Felt Panels