Grasso, Den Bosch

An acoustic challenge for Burokoek in which they preserved the historical elements of the former Grasso Factory
Interieur Design
Stijn Poelstra

Reviving Heritage: Transforming the Grasso Factory into Modern Office Spaces in Den Bosch

A transformation project of the former Grasso Factory in Den Bosch! As a recognised national monument, this historic site has a rich history and character. New life has been breathed into the factory by converting it into modern office spaces for start-ups, scale-ups and established names with a focus on ICT and data.

Acoustic Optimisation for Ideal Working Environments

When designing the layout for Florijnz, Burokoek encountered a challenge: the acoustics of the rooms left much to be desired. To create a pleasant and productive working environment, they were given the special task of designing integrated acoustic solutions.

Panelling as a Highlight of Historical Ambience

The panelling provides a nice link to the Grasso factory’s past and adds to the historical atmosphere of the space. PET-Felt panels proved to be perfect for this application. The project attracted a lot of attention and other users of the office spaces came to see and experience how Florijnz improved the acoustics in the space. The Grasso factory has become a model project for a historic complex.

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ReFelt PET Felt Acoustic Panel Marble

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Acoustic PET Felt Panels