Dr. Sell + Dr. Stocker medical practice, Nuremberg

Markmus Design created a homely interior with custom PET felt panels for medical practice Dr. Sell + Dr. Stocker in Nuremburg.
Interior Design
Markmus Design
Dr. Sell + Dr. Stocker
Maria Bayer

Medical practice redesign

Dr. Sell + Dr. Stocker is a general medical practice with specialists in manual therapy, chiropractor therapy, emergency and palliative care. With new management, redesigned treatment rooms, their claim remains the same:

“We maintain an open, personal relationship with our patients – connecting, empathetic, responsible.”


Cheerful, natural and acoustic

Markmus Design designed a practice full of bright colours and natural materials such as wood, fabric, leather and soft-touch surfaces like linen, natural rubber and PET felt. Acoustic panels were designed to make the space cozy and relaxing. When Markmus Design began working on this project, the initial approach was, “we don’t want to look or sound like a medical practice but to create an environment where patients feel at home”.

Custom order PET felt panel

Make a statement with your acoustic installation. PET Felt panels allow you to create your own design, that will equally contribute to the aesthetics and acoustics of the interior. Markmus Design used Slats PET Felt panels in this project to create a custom wall design.

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