DOVA-CROW, Utrecht

Studio Frits designed an inviting, homely interior for DOVA and CROW's OV Campus. The baffle ceiling plays a starring role in the design.
Studio Frits
Jurrian Neijenhuis

DOVA-CROW, Utrecht

DOVA is an alliance of national public transport organisations. CROW is a knowledge institute for infrastructure, public space and traffic and transport in the Netherlands. The DOVA CROW Utrecht campus is housed in a 1980s building near Utrecht Central Station. Besides about 40 permanent staff, many visitors also come here for meetings and flexible working. Therefore, there had to be space with options for different users.

Inspired by Dutch landscapes

As visitors come from all over the country to DOVA-CROW Utrecht, Studio Frits drew inspiration from Dutch landscapes. Discussions with users revealed that acoustics are important. Therefore, Studio Frits chose Angular PET Felt baffles, which refer to typical Dutch skies. In some places, the spotlights break through the cloud cover like sunbeams.

Dova Crow Utrecht - Acoustic Baffles
DOVA-CROW Utrecht Acoustic Baffles 5

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