Dental practice, Berlin

Urselmann Interior designed the interior of a dental practice. They focused on the well-being of patients and the circularity of materials.
Urselmann Interior
Magdalena Gruber

Circularity and well-being

The concept of the practice’s interior design is based on the principles of Cradle2Cradle (C2C). These design principles include, among other things, the safe and potentially infinite circularity of the materials and resources used. ReFelt’s durable nature and positive impact on well-being align well with the C2C-principles.

Acoustic Baffles of ReFelt

The spaces of the practice radiate a calm atmosphere through the use of natural colours and materials. Solid wooden furniture connects the visitors organically with their surroundings. ReFelt’s Acoustic Baffles PET Felt Angular decorate the ceilings and contribute to the friendly and inviting design of the dental practice.

Sustainable and acoustic addition to the practice

100% in the spirit of Cradle2Cradle, many components and furniture pieces are second-hand or made from recycled materials. The Refelt Acoustic Baffles are made from recycled PET bottles and can easily be disassembled. The baffles also dampen noise, improving not only the acoustic experience of the visitors and staff, but also the overall well-being in the practice.

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Acoustic Baffles PET Felt Angular

ReFelt PET Felt Acoustic Panel Beige

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Acoustic PET Felt Panels