De Vorm Office & Showroom

The new headquarters of De Vorm truly combine functionality and inspiration for both employees and the company’s clients.
De Vorm Design Studio
Arnhem, the Netherlands
De Vorm
Stijn Poelstra

PET Felt in any shape

By integrating our PET Felt panels in many shapes and designs, De Vorm Design Studio managed to create a place, which fits the brand’s promise of ultimate customisability, while also paying attention to sustainability.

Each working space has its own unique design, but they all have something in common – using PET Felt panels. Dots, Stripes, Rainbows — they all come in together and give a certain character to the place as well as significantly improved acoustics.

The meeting rooms have also utilised our Radial Pendant lamp, which lightens them at the best possible angle and helps with keeping the conversations inside only.

The canteen area — the heart and soul of the office, — has also been equipped with PET Felt panels, capturing every employee’s weekend story or cup of coffee and thus lowering the noise for their hard-working colleagues.

Round PET Felt Wall Shingles

Custom-made PET Felt elements

Certainly, the most impressive part is at the very entrance of the headquarters, where a custom designed PET Felt installation has taken the wall. It reflects one of the brand’s core values — “Process first”, which stands for the way De Vorm’s design process works — innovation drives aesthetics. Due to the embedded mechanism, the wheel can actually move, making it one of the highlights of the office.

De Vorm Design Studio went one step further by adding more art installations across the showroom, relying on the versatile PET Felt panels again. These geometrical blocks serve various purposes, among which, separating the spaces around and visualising the versatility of the product. They are also very often used by the employees as a place to concentrate, brainstorm on ideas, or simply have a change of scenery.

PET Felt Museum

Last but not least, since De Vorm is also integrating PET Felt in their products, they have built a small “PET Felt Museum” within their headquarters. Here, their clients can easily follow the story of making the material and get a better understanding of just how sustainable it is. This makes us very happy, as more people can see the advantages of PET Felt and help us work together towards a more sustainable future.

If you happen to be around Arnhem, The Netherlands, you can also book a free tour around the showroom and explore the countless opportunities of using ReFelt PET Felt panels.

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