Global Headquarters Danone Place, Amsterdam

The brand-new Danone headquarters reflect the global character of the company. DZAP and Studio Michiel Wijnen designed this intuitive workplace with careful attention to detail.
Interior design
DZAP architects x Studio Michiel Wijnen
Dimitri Valentijn
Global Headquarters Danone Place
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Danone Global Headquarters

Brand identity

In order to communicate the brand identity throughout the space, the designers chose the blue colour as a leitmotiv appearing throughout many areas of the new office. The reception received special attention – Michiel Wijnen used our PET Felt panels in order to create a custom cut-out installation. Making this area a true eye-catcher of the interior.

Design possibilities of PET Felt

Thanks to its versatile nature, PET Felt offers endless design possibilities – this project is a vivid example of that. Suitable for many ways of processing and mounting, PET Felt panels offer various applications, including wall and ceiling covering, room dividers or custom installations.