Costruzioni Bordignon, Treviso

Durante Ufficio reimagines the office space of Costruzioni Bordignon by featuring a spacious open area that leverages natural light to illuminate the workspace.
Durante Ufficio
Costruzioni Bordignon

The legacy of Costruzioni Bordignon

Costruzioni Bordignon S.r.l., a legacy construction firm rooted in Treviso, Italy, and established in 1998, has been building on a tradition that traces back to the early 1900s. Spanning three generations, the company has consistently been recognized for its professional integrity and quality craftsmanship. In collaboration with Durante Ufficio, Costruzioni Bordignon redesigned their office layout to create an open space that maximizes natural lighting. Enhancing both functionality and aesthetics in the workplace.


Incorporating ReFelt’s Cubes PET Felt Hanging Dividers

Contiguous to the entrance is a practical and straightforward waiting area, elevated by the innovative use of Cubes PET Felt Hanging Dividers from ReFelt. These dividers not only serve a functional purpose by subtly segmenting the space but also add a layer of visual interest with their unique cubic pattern. By integrating ReFelt’s sustainable and aesthetically pleasing Cubes PET Felt Hanging Dividers, the company has successfully created a workspace that is both innovative and inviting.

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Cubes PET Felt Hanging Dividers