Half Cove PET Felt Wall Shingles

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  • A fresh alternative to classic wall covering
  • Overlaps improve the acoustic effect
  • Mix & match to create your own pattern
  • Only sold in sets of 15 shingles
  • All prices excluding VAT
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PET Felt

220 x 380 x 9 mm

Weight (per set)
2.1 kg

1.9 kg/m2

Acoustic properties
NRC: 0.80 with 100 mm cavity
NRC: 0.65 with 50 mm cavity

Flammability class

Our PET Felt Acoustic Panels are made of recycled plastic bottles, and therefore small variations in colour blends can appear.  Furthermore, a deviation in size with a maximum of 2% is tolerated.

ReFelt PET Felt Wall Shingles Half Cove

Half Cove PET Felt Wall Shingles

The playful lines of the Half Cove PET Felt Wall Shingles will spice up any interior. The overlapped roof-inspired placement creates a unique structured expression. These shingles match perfectly with the Round Shingles and you can make unique combinations with the different 28 colours available.

What is PET Felt?

PET Felt is a sustainable material made of recycled plastic bottles. It is also easy to maintain and can be recycled again after a long lifespan. Curious about all the design possibilities PET Felt has to offer? Take a look at our Instagram or Projects page!

Great acoustic properties

PET Felt is great for improving acoustics, as it absorbs and dampens sound. This effect is further enhanced by the overlapping placement of our Shingles.

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