Acoustic Baffles PET Felt Dome

from € 780,00
  • All-in-one acoustic ceiling system
  • 15 acoustic baffles per Dome
  • Available in 28 colours
  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Easy to recycle after a long use
Subtotal € 780,00
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Baffles: 100% PET Felt
EasyGrid: steel

∅ 1800mm

17.5kg in total

Fire class

ISO certificate

Additional information
Our PET Felt products are made from recycled PET bottles. Slight colour differences are possible can occur with this recycled product.

Acoustic Baffles PET Felt Dome

Dome immediately catches the eye with its friendly appearance. With a single Dome, you can improve the acoustics locally. For example, above tables in a restaurant or café. Each Dome consists of 15 closely spaced baffles, to improve the acoustic value. By combining multiple Domes at different heights, a special visual effect is achieved.

In addition, the acoustics improve enormously by combining several Acoustic PET Felt Baffles Domes in a space. Ideal for school cafeterias, libraries and other large, open spaces. Each Dome is available in 28 colours.

Easy installation with EasyGrid

Dome is supported by EasyGrid, the suspension system developed by ReFelt. This makes installation easy. Choose the right spot, drill four holes and hang Easygrid at the desired height. You then slide the baffles into place. With the supplied spacers, they always hang at the right distance from each other.

PET Felt

ReFelt works exclusively with PET Felt that is made from recycled plastic bottles. The result is a soft, yet firm material. Due to its open structure, it captures and dampens sound waves, which is why PET Felt has good acoustic properties.

After long use, these acoustic baffles can also be recycled. The only materials used are steel and PET. Need some inspiration on what you can with this material? Take a look at our Projects or follow us on Instagram!

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