Acoustic Baffles PET Felt Straight 1200

from € 340,00
  • All-in-one acoustic ceiling system
  • Easy to attach
  • 8 baffles per module 
  • Available in 28 colours, available from stock
  • Made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Excellent acoustic properties
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Baffles: 100% PET Felt
EasyGrid: steel

1200 x 1800

14.3 kg

Fire rating

ISO Certificate

Acoustic Baffles PET Felt Straight

ReFelt Acoustic Baffles Straight offer a complete solution for acoustic ceiling systems. The Acoustic Baffles absorb the sound and thus counteract reverberation.
A single module helps to improve the acoustics locally. But it is a modular system with which different baffles can easily be attached to any ceiling with the Extender set for length and width. This way you can also acoustically improve the largest rooms.

PET Felt

PET Felt is made from recycled plastic bottles. A fiber is made from the finely ground bottles and this creates a soft, but sturdy felt. It lasts a long time, is UV resistant, easy to maintain and dampens noise. PET Felt can also be recycled.

The PET Felt is available in 28 colours and fits into any interior.


The baffles hang in the EasyGrid developed by ReFelt, which is adjustable in height with the stainless steel cable set. The name says it all, it is very easy to apply and to attach with only four suspension points. No tools are required for the assembly of the EasyGrid and the baffles.

Combine with EasyAcoustics

EasyAcoustics is an acoustic system that has been developed for on the wall. Also made of 100% PET Felt and easy to install. By combining the with different colours and heights, you can make the most beautiful creations.