New in: Radial Pendant Lamp

ReFelt collection welcomes a new member! Radial is the outcome of our numerous experiments with PET Felt.
ReFelt PET Felt Lighting Radial

Eye-catching design

Though commonly used for wall covering, the versatile nature of PET Felt allows for a wide range of applications. We took a step further and used this material to create a 3D-puzzled lamp. Designed to be bold, functional and versatile, the look of the Radial lamp was inspired by 3D puzzles from our youth. All elements are cut out of PET Felt and composed into a distinctive shape of this lamp. Making Radial a true eye-catcher.

A universal lighting solution

Solve for lighting in your own way. Radial offers twenty-eight colour blends to choose from.  The versatile nature of its design allows for various applications in practically any commercial interior. Use Radial for desk lighting in offices or a spacial hanging fixture in open spaces.

You can choose preferred colours, combine several lamps together and play with their positioning to create a custom lighting installation. Radial PET Felt lamp makes it all possible.


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ReFelt PET Felt Lighting Radial