New: Collection of Acoustic PET Felt Hexagon Tiles

Now available, our brand new collection of Hexagon tiles. They are available in two sizes and 28 vibrant colours. All the tiles have a luxurious bevel-cut finish.
ReFelt PET Felt acoustic tile Hexagon Diamond Large 47cm 2

The Hexagon: Nature’s Favourite

In addition to the existing tile collection, we have also added a hexagon-shaped tile. The hexagon is a very common form in nature. The structures in the beehives are of course the best known, but the hexagon is also reflected in crystals, for example. It is a very efficient and strong structure. The largest known hexagon is found at Saturn’s north pole.

ReFelt PET Felt acoustic tile Hexagon Diamond Large 47cm 1

The Acoustic PET Felt Hexagon Tiles Collection

For us, the hexagon is a beautiful shape and we can vary endlessly. The Hexagon Plain S and Hexagon Plain L are the simplest versions. A subtle v-cut has been added to the Hexagon Diamond S and Hexagon Diamond L, which gives the tile extra depth.

The tiles are only sold in packages. In a package Small contains 30 small tiles, in the Large there are 6 large tiles.

eFelt PET Felt acoustic tile Hexagon Plain Small 24cm home office
Refelt PET Felt Hexagon Diamond Lines Large 47cm home office

Play with shape and colour to get acoustic installations

The PET Felt is easy to process. It is no problem to cover an entire wall or ceiling with the acoustic tiles. But you can also cover a smaller area to improve acoustics locally. For example, on the wall opposite your desk or home office.

By combining small and large tiles in different colours, you get the most beautiful patterns. You will immediately notice that the acoustics improve.

Easy to process and made from recycled plastic

PET Felt is a flexible material that is easy to process. It is lightweight, flexible and yet very strong. That’s because the fibre is made from finely ground plastic bottles. These are woven into large mats, which are then processed into large PET Felt panels. With these panels, you can then make all kinds of things, in 28 trendy colours.

It is also easy to clean. Most stains are removed with plenty of water. Run the water through the PET Felt and pat the surface dry. Never rub the felt, it may start to pill. You can use James Cleaning Set for stubborn stains.