Hanging Dividers by ReFelt, flexible solution for extra privacy

Introducing a new series of acoustic PET Felt products.

PET Felt room dividers offer a combined solution for privacy, dampening sounds and shielding from visual distractions. These ceiling-suspended partitions are designed to divide various spaces without making permanent alterations to the building structure.‎ While creating semi-private zones, the dividers also maintain the open character of the interior thanks to the delicate hanging fixture and see-through patterns.

Choose your level of privacy

With 28 colours to choose from, PET Felt dividers will match the aesthetic needs of any interior. They come in sets of two and can be combined into various configurations, depending on the needs of your workplace, store, or restaurant.

Thanks to their lightweight design and smart mounting fixture, installation is fast and easy. In addition, you can create different visual effects and vary in the level of privacy with various thru-cut patterns we have to offer.

Made from PET Felt

Just like the rest of our collection, ReFelt hanging dividers are made from recycled PET Felt material. Thanks to their durable qualities, the dividers offer extensive impact resistance, in addition to the visual appeal and unique tactility. By using PET Felt as a core material in our designs, we ensure that they serve a long time and can be easily recycled afterwards.

Consisting of only two elements – PET Felt panel and a steel fixture, – our hanging dividers are easy to disassemble, replace, and recycle after long-time use.