Expansion of the PET Felt colour collection

ReFelt stands for colours and possibilities and we are very proud to introduce nineteen more PET Felt blends to our collection!
ReFelt PET Felt Acoustic Panels Colours Sample Box Interior

With twenty-eight colours in total, imagine the amazing possibilities with the patterns you can create. Giving interior designers the freedom to create a unique, daring or monotonous acoustic installation with our PET Felt panels.

Colour use

Not only do our ReFelt PET panels offer great acoustic solutions for open offices, but they also contribute to brand identity through their colour use. Thereby stimulating the connection between employees and their corporate identity.

Studies show that colour impacts on the productivity and well-being of employees and that everyone experiences colours in different ways. Where natural tones such as grey, beige and white generate sad emotions for some, for others it has a calming and comfortable effect. However, it’s important to take the different aspects into account when it comes to the colour choice. The key is to strike the balance between brand identity, mood influencing colours and a productive office environment.

Medisch Centrum Studio Mommersteeg ReFelt Projects

Mix and match

ReFelt encourages you to experiment with colour. Grey or purple: use the PET Felt colour palette to explore the personalities of each colour and the relationships between them. Choose from the overwhelming presence of colour splashes or the calming ambience of soft tones. Create artwork with graphic or soothing patterns. Experiment with your design in both extremes of the spectrum and with everything in between!

Pleasing to the eyes and ears

Our panels are made from recycled plastic bottles, offering aesthetic features and sound dampening properties.

ReFelt Rijkskantoor OV Terminal