Double performance with ReFelt’s new Double Acoustic Baffles

Following the successful launch of Acoustic PET Felt Baffles, ReFelt is expanding the collection with Double Baffles.

New system, improved acoustic performance

The basis for the double baffles is the 9 mm PET Felt panel. By applying v-cut, PET Felt can be folded into various shapes. This creates a hollow space inside each baffle, resulting in an improved acoustic performance. Here the sound is captured and so the double baffles effectively counteract reverberation and echo.

Three shapes, 28 colours

The new Double Acoustic Baffles are available in three different shapes, each with their own unique expression. The baffles are made from 100% PET Felt and are available in 28 colours. All variants can be adjusted in height using the EasyGrid suspension system. Thanks to its smart design, the grid is mounted in a few simple steps, making the installation fast and incredibly easy.


Double Acoustic PET Felt Baffles Straight

Straight Baffles are ideal for large, open spaces and exposed ceilings. For instance, open-plan offices, conference rooms and factory halls. Covering a large area, the baffles offer outstanding sound-dampening effect and minimise floor-to-ceiling slap echo. Due to the open pattern of the grid, the ceiling remains visible, creating a special visual effect.

Double Acoustic PET Felt Baffles Flat

Flat is suitable for lower spaces due to its design. To achieve maximum acoustic effect, the baffles are contiguous. Apply the baffles above the conference tables or loud equipment to prevent the noises from travelling freely through the space.

ReFelt - Double Acoustic Baffles PET Felt Flat - meeting room 3

Double Acoustic PET Felt Baffles Slant

Slant is composed of sloping baffles that create a special optical effect. Hang two next to each other, and they come together nicely in an angular shape. But even with a single row, there is a nice visual effect. The baffles hang apart and let light through. Slant is great for canteens, counters and open-plan offices.

Easy installation

Double Baffles are supported by EasyGrid, the suspension system developed by ReFelt. That makes installation easy. Choose a spot, drill four holes and hang the EasyGrid at the desired height. Then slide the baffles into place, and you’re done.

Are you curious about our baffles? Please contact us for a demo or more information. Sizes, prices and other specifications can be found on the product pages.