EasyRail Acoustic PET Felt Baffles Tapered

from € 311,25
  • All-in-one acoustic wall and ceiling system
  • Superb acoustic value
  • Great for canteens, counters and open-plan offices
  • EasyRail for fast and simple installation
  • Baffles made from recycled plastic bottles


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Baffles: 100% PET Felt
EasyRail: anodized aluminium

2400 x 600 x 70

6 kg in total

Sound absorption
aw 0,55

Additional information
Our PET Felt acoustic products are made of recycled plastic bottles, and therefore slight variations in colour blends may appear.

EasyRail Acoustic PET Felt Baffles Tapered

EasyRail Acoustic PET Felt Baffles Tapered offer a flexible acoustic solution for diverse environments. Easy to install on both wall and ceiling, this versatile system combines optimal sound absorption with durability. It consists of 8 tapered PET Felt baffles, supported by 2 EasyRail profiles, ensuring stability and freedom during the installation. Baffles can be installed directly on any surface. For enhanced acoustic performance, we recommend mounting an extra PET Felt panel underneath the baffle system.

Flexible installation and scalability

ReFelt’s EasyRail allows to vary in the positioning of the baffles, making the system easily scalable and adjustable to any space. Both the rails and the baffles can be cut to size – an extra suspension point ensures the stability of the rail, regardless of its dimensions. A specially designed tool makes it easy to cut the baffles to size, both straight or at 45 angle.

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