Tetra Lines PET Felt Tiles

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  • Easy to attach to ceiling and wall
  • High-end finish with a bevel-cut
  • Great acoustic performance
  • Only sold in sets of 9 tiles
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PET Felt

423 x 415 x 9 mm per tile

Weight (per set)
1.8 kg

1.9 kg/m2

Acoustic properties
NRC: 0.80 with 100 mm cavity
NRC: 0.65 with 50 mm cavity

Flammability class

Our PET Felt Acoustic Panels are made of recycled plastic bottles, and therefore small variations in colour blends can appear.  Furthermore, a deviation in size with a maximum of 2% is tolerated.

Tetra Lines PET Felt Tiles

With these Tetra Lines PET Felt Tiles, you can get as creative as possible. Not only are they available in 28 different colours and in a Plain variant, but they can also be mounted recreating different shapes and lines. Whether you will cover the whole wall or only a part of it, a wow effect is guaranteed.

These dynamic acoustic tiles are great for any space, as they can easily be installed on walls or ceilings.

What is PET Felt?

PET Felt is a sustainable material, made of finely ground recycled plastic bottles. It has a soft, but firm feel. With its easy maintenance, a long lifespan is guaranteed.

Great Acoustic Properties

With PET Felt, acoustic tiles can absorb and dampen sounds very easily. To further enhance their acoustic performance, you can also add a standard PET Felt panel.